Results for Bond Election to Purchase New Gym for El Capitan High

The special election for a bond to fund the construction of a new gym facility for El Capitan High School has failed. The bond proposal was defeated by a wide margin. Out of 342 votes cast in the special election, 200 votes were against and 142 votes were for the measure (58% to 41%). Voter turnout for the election was just 13.42% of the 2,556 registered voters in the district.

Capture111.PNGSome proponents of the proposal claim that voter turnout was a major contributor to the bond failing to pass. While the election results are clear, it is evident that only a fraction of the district decided the outcome of the election. In addition to this, many were unaware of the election altogether. With such abysmal voter turnout, it may be necessary for supporters to form a committee to advance the proposal and turn out the votes.

For citizens interested in bringing the subject before voters in the next election cycle, the CCUSD school board is the appropriate avenue to express support for the measure. The same applies for those who are opposed to the measure. The board meets on the second Monday of each month.

El Capitan High School May Get New Gym

Colorado City Unified School District Commits to Bond Election for New Gym

On June 19, 2017, Colorado City Unified School District’s Governing Board passed a resolution authorizing the district to pursue a bond election to fund a new gymnasium.  According to Principal Shauna Hammon, “Our current facility can seat about 150 people safely during a competition.  However, El Capitan’s home basketball games can draw crowds up to 300 people.”  As the district’s sports program continues to grow, the administration projects they will need seating for 1000 fans.   Continue reading “El Capitan High School May Get New Gym”