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Road Safety is Our Business

ATV routes to be established, crackdown on the way

According to the Marshal’s Office report last night in Colorado City, police and town councils will be planning and enforcing ATV routes through Short Creek presently. This also means an “interdepartmental crackdown” on unsafe off-road vehicle operation coming soon.

In the meantime, what are we doing as a community to keep our citizens safe?

I often worry as I watch young people and adults, alike, race up and down my street. They’re always popping wheelies and piling as many children as possible onto ATVs or into their truck beds.

I can’t count how many barely-pubescent boys I have spied driving 12-man vans into Maxwell Canyon to gather water with their brothers and sisters. I’ve seen security footage of someone unable to see over their steering wheel destroying a road sign in a truck, only to speed away.

The sign has since been replaced, but I cannot speak on any tickets written.

I’m new in town, and chalked this activity up to a benign cultural difference. Despite being a journalist, I’m really not here to ruffle feathers. People drive young and people drive crazy. That’s none of my business. I never once reported anything to the police because that’s just the way people operate here.

Well, as we can now see, that’s simply a bad call. Road safety is our business.

No more excuses. Right now, I am committing to being a bit more of a curmudgeon, if only to avoid the potential tragedies like we had on Saturday night. I’m going to start writing down descriptions of bad drivers of all ages and types of vehicles. I’m going to start reporting them. I encourage you to do the same.

We enjoy a lot of invisible freedoms in Short Creek and I’d love to see those stay intact. Those freedoms simply do not include being a reckless driver, and more police presence further erodes our lifestyle.

So, let’s talk to our families and friends about staying safe on ATVs and in large vehicles, alike. Let’s encourage safe behavior and consideration for neighbors. If safety is disregarded any longer, those actually-benign cultural quirks could go away.


P.S. – Spinning cookies, doing donuts, and hot-dogging on grass fields, whatever you want to call it, has to stop. The public Works and Parks departments report vehicle-based vandalism every single city council meeting.

Vandalism is expensive and makes our parks look like crap. But cameras are being installed in the parks, so I guess it’s only a matter of time before arrests are made. Keep to the Creek unless you want your toys impounded.

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