Hildale City Office is a Touch More Welcoming

Making Hildale City Offices more open and friendly for customers

HILDALE – When you go to Hildale City Hall to pay your utility bill, how do you feel? Suffocated? Like you are in a fishbowl? Well, suffocate no longer! The glass has been removed!

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Roy Allred pays his utility bill      Photo by Eric Velander

The old glass had been an irritation enough that Hildale City Council member Maha Layton brought up the barrier during their campaigns. Direction from Utility Office Manager Vincen Barlow started the project swiftly, and the effects are already being felt by customers and city employees, alike.

Roy Allred, Hildale resident and frequent visitor, remarked on the improvement. “Wow! I can see who I’m talking to! It definitely feels more open, now.”

Hildale Administrative Assistant Angelene Chatwin could not be more excited about the renovation. “I don’t feel like I’m in jail when people come to pay their bills!”

Nathaniel Barlow will be working to finalize the project over the next few days.

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