Cottonwood Park Sod Project

A photoessay

COLORADO CITY – Over 40 volunteers came out to Cottonwood Park on Saturday to finish laying sod. Good times and tacos were had by all! Lucky for us, the clouds kept the sun at bay, and we unrolled 57 pallets of sod in about four hours. Be sure to enjoy Cottonwood Park’s new grass and playground equipment.

We’ll see you at Cottonwood Park on the Fourth of July! If you would like to donate to the celebration, visit Short Creek Festivities; they’re about 60% funded at the time of this posting.

Truman was out tilling before I got there at 9 AM
Fifty-seven whole pallets had to be rolled out in the park
Volunteers, young and wise, began arriving at 10 AM
The desert sun made the first hour or so VERY hot
Unrolling and placing sod is tough work, made tougher if you’re seven years old
By noon things started to look very green
“It’s a giant green puzzle!”
All biceps, all day
Moist sod is the heaviest, most unwieldy thing
Three generations of Creekers came out to help
The taco line
“I need an action shot of those tortillas flipping.”
Cottonwood is ready for the Fourth of July


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