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A Most Wanted Wall Demolition

"Making this a city about welcome instead of a city about walls."

HILDALE –  A wrecking crew is taking out sections of thick, 15-foot white walls on Utah Ave today. Remedy Excavating of Hildale, Utah is handling the demolition as well as the now-completed demolition of the walls outside Water Canyon High School.

Willie Jessop, property owner and sponsor of the project said they are improving accessibility to the bed and breakfast grand entry. Major portions of the walls will remain around the property.

Photo by Eric Velander

Formerly the Jeffs Compound, and now America’s Most Wanted Bed and Breakfast, the property was hastily built after Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison in 2007. The mansion sat empty prior to the bed and breakfast, which began operations in 2014.

Jessop went on to say about the recent changes in the Short Creek landscape, “We’re glad to see our community continue to improve it’s image; we’re making this a city about welcome instead of a city about walls.”

Photo by Eric Velander


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