Positions Opening in Hildale and Colorado City Government

Utility Business Manager, Police Sergeant, and Accounts Payable Clerk Sought

HILDALE/COLORADO CITY – Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah are hiring for a handful of positions in local government. These positions include Utility Business Manager, Accounts payable Clerk, and Police Sergeant.

The Hildale/Colorado City Utility Business Manager requirements were posted 4 June 2018. The overview on the job posing states:

“The Utility Business Manager is a CEO like position that works under the direction of the Utility Board which manages the municipal utility systems (Gas, Water, Wastewater, etc.) for Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, consisting of gas, wastewater and water systems. The Utility Business Manager oversees all utility functions.”


The Hildale Accounts Payable Clerk requirements were posted 28 May 2018. The overview on the job posting states:

“We are looking for an Accounts Payable Clerk who will be responsible for handling Hildale City’s bills and managing our accounts payable ledger. You will be tasked with receiving, opening, and logging invoices on the ledger, as well as other duties like bank reconciliation, accounts payable invoice and data entry, and expense report handling.”


Colorado City Police Department is also seeking a qualified Police Sergeant.  The overview on the job posting states:

“Under general supervision of the Chief Marshal, this position will be responsible for supervising and directing the activities of police patrol units, detective units, or a special assignment such as Community Relations or Internal Investigations. This position may have other department administrative responsibility.

The administrative nature of the work requires considerable responsibility for making decisions regarding actions to be taken and for independent judgment in the interpretation of rules and regulations as well as the applications of laws. Police Sergeants frequently participate in the work performed by subordinate officers and assume complete charge in the event of the absence of the Chief Marshal.”


More information on all positions, as well as contact information can be found on the official Colorado City and Hildale websites.

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