Hildale City Farmer’s Market Starts 2 June

HILDALE – Join the Hildale City Farmer’s Market tomorrow at Maxwell Park. The market will be open every Saturday for 17 weeks, through 22 September 2018. This first weekend will be purely informational, but vendors are signing up fast for the 9 June market, and beyond.

Contact and visit Maxwell Park tomorrow for information about how you can vend in the future.

Currently, tables cost $20 per week, or $15 per week if you prepay for the entire season. If you are a first time vendor, and are applying for a business license for the first time, Hildale City Farmer’s Market will waive the registration fee. Be sure to check food handling regulations for Utah.

Stay tuned to Canaan Mountain Herald weekly for a full list of vendors.

NOTE: Utah recently passed legislation allowing vendors in farmers markets sell homemade, non-dairy goods without inspection. Relevant text is posted below flyer. Click HERE for full legislation.


farmer market


4-5a-103. Regulation of a direct-to-sale farmers market.
“(1) A direct-to-sale farmers market selling homemade food under this chapter shall:
(a) display signage indicating to an informed final consumer that the homemade food and food products sold by producers at the market have not been certified, licensed, regulated or inspected by state or local authorities; and
(b) only include products for sale that have not been certified, licensed, regulated, or inspected by state or local authorities.
(2) If the direct-to-sale farmers market is in any way associated with a farmers market as defined in Subsection 4-5-102(5), the direct-to-sale farmers market section selling homemade food under this chapter shall comply with the following requirements:
(a) the direct-to-sale farmers market section shall be separated from the farmers market section; and
(b) the separate direct-to-sale farmers market section shall include signs or other markings clearly indicating which space is the farmers market space offering inspected items for sale and which space is the direct-to-sale farmers market space offering items that are uninspected.”

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