A New Canaan Mountain Herald

The Herald will be going through some changes

SHORT CREEK – Happy Wednesday, loyal readers and new ones, alike. My name is Eric Velander, and I am new in town! I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and I will be your Editor.

Shortly, you will begin to notice changes to the Canaan Mountain Herald. The site will be going through “look and feel” changes. The black and white text-based stories will be going away in favor of image-based stories. Stay tuned for a new, modern layout with more photography!

Another change will be up-to-the-minute presentation of content. I will be publishing and updating stories as they happen, so the bi-weekly format is also going away. Be sure to make us your homepage and follow the Facebook for notifications.

I will be swinging focus to local business, local politics, and activism, so profiles of community leaders are on the horizon. If you or someone you know fit the bill, I’d love to talk!

I encourage everyone to contribute to the news of the day, and will be making tips and news leads from YOU the priority. The new layout will make this process extremely easy to do. If you are starting a business, a family, a nonprofit, or a ruckus, I want to hear about it!

Thank you for your readership. I look forward to getting to know everybody in town.

-Eric Velander

NOTE: If you are having trouble viewing the new layout on mobile, go to browser settings and click “request desktop site.” This will show you the proper site, coded for mobile devices!

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