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Prescott Brewing’s Petrified Porter

Porter is one of my favorite beer styles. Porter is English in origin and is recognized by its dark color and bold flavor. While it is bold, many variations of the style are very drinkable and smooth. It tends to be very malt forward, but some varieties exhibit stronger hop characteristics. Petrified Porter from Prescott Brewing Company, in Prescott Arizona, is a great example of the style and a great beer overall.

This porter exhibits a color variation that I find appealing. Some porters have a reddish tint to them. Hold it up to a light, or look near the bottom of the glass, and it is easier to see this. I find the color beautiful, and you can see it in this beer. It also pours well, with a nice foamy cap that lingers and sticks to the edge of the glass as you drink it.

The nose is spectacular with tons of coffee and cocoa aromas. There is also a creamy element in the aroma that ends up smelling like milk duds or chocolate malt balls. There are also subtle vegetal notes from the hops along with vanilla and burnt sugar. As I continued to drink it, there was a faint hint of orange that showed up intermittently.

The flavor profile was very consistent with the aroma in terms of flavor and body. The coffee flavor is the most prominent, and rather than cocoa, it tastes more closely to dark chocolate because the bitterness of the hops pairs up with the cocoa component. The bitterness is very well balanced, however. The mouthfeel is slightly thin but that lends to the drinkability of the beer.

The finish is somewhat short but rich. The same coffee and chocolate notes remain along with a pleasant bitterness that quickly fades off. The quick finish leads you back to the glass rather quickly.

Porter’s tend to be paired with rich foods because of their medium to heavy bodied nature. Any braised dish, barbecue, sausage, stew, and chili are good options. Porter is also a fantastic beer to drink with sweet foods and desserts. While the flavors are bold, it is highly drinkable and has a relatively low ABV. It is a wonderful drink on its own as well.

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