Hildale Approves First Alcohol Sale License

The Hildale City Council has granted its first ever alcohol sales license. Historically, Hildale has been a dry town, being one of only a handful of municipalities across the country that functionally prohibit the sale of alcohol.

The Border Store, a convenience store located along highway 59, was the recipient of the license. In previous City Council meetings, the subject of how to issue a license was unclear, as there had been no process in place to issue a permit of that kind.

The consideration of granting an alcohol sales license was tabled by the council as city officials worked to create an application that would ensure applicants meet all state and local requirements. Hildale officials are also instituting a fee schedule for multiple possible types of liquor licenses.

Hildale City Council has approved a license that would allow The Border Store to sell packaged beer. They will now have to work with the state to ensure that any other requirements are met.

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