Hildale Tire Fire is Part of a Trend

A tire fire on the outskirts of Hildale marks the latest in a string of suspicious fires in the Short Creek area. According to Kevin Barlow, Hildale-Colorado City Fire Department Chief, firefighters responded to reports of a large column of black smoke in an area near Canyon Street known as Spencer’s Sump on 25 March 2018.

Chief Barlow said, “First arriving units found a large pile of used tires well-involved in fire. The first efforts were to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the large pile and into surrounding brush. As soon as a water supply was established from the hydrant at Canyon Street and Jessop Avenue, firefighters were able to quickly knock the fire down using large diameter water streams.”

Chief Barlow went on to say the fire was, “Similar in nature to several others in the past few years and is suspicious in origin.” Marshal Sam Johnson said that they called in Fire Marshals from Washington County to aid the investigation. A dog hit on a scent of accelerant which leads Marshals to believe the fire was set intentionally.

Fires such as these pose many risks that go under-appreciated. “It is extremely dangerous to the firefighters and contaminates their equipment, as well as being toxic to the environment. If anyone has any information regarding this or any of the fires, you are urged to contact the fire or police departments,” said Chief Barlow.

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