Hildale City Roles Filled and Clarified

The Hildale City Council voted to change the structure of their administrative team to better comply with Hildale City and Utah State Code. The three primary administrative positions are City Manager, City Treasurer, and City Recorder. Previously the duties of the City Manager were fulfilled by the Mayor or Treasurer.

According to information provided at the meeting, when executing financial transactions, there are three steps that must take place through separate officers:

First, The City Manager is responsible for working with the City Council to ensure that the budget reflects the priorities of the City, and authorizing payments to execute those priorities. Second, The City Recorder pre-audits each of those claims for compliance with city code. Finally, the City Treasurer must sign a check to disburse appropriate funds.

The dual nature of some of those positions in the past has led to an audit citation, and has contributed to a significant deficiency as it relates to the separation of duties. The city moved to create a separate City Manager position, reassigning the recently hired City Treasurer, John Barlow, to the role. Newly-hired Susie Barlow now fills the Treasurer position. The City Recorder position is held by Vincen Barlow.

This reassignment of duties ensures more oversight of Hildale business going forward.

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