Jacob Jessop Resignation Letter

HILDALE – 7 March 2018 – A resignation letter presented to the mayors of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona by a prominent Utility Board member in early 2018 sparked a wave of copycat resignations of local government and board posts, administratively destabilizing the sister cities. Jacob Jessop’s official statement makes clear his inability to work with Hildale Mayor Donia Jessop and others considered apostates of the FLDS on religious grounds.

The letter is presented in-full below.

Jessop Resignation Letter



  1. He wants to live in 1862 I say let him … but he better not be getting any unemployment or welfare – they weren’t around back in those days!

  2. Isn’t it interesting? Can the Mayor rule over the utility board? And who is the judge; who has the right to judge wether a person is an “apostate” or not? I’m sure I could find some quote that says not to judge but to forgive our neighbors trespasses. And judge not that ye be not judged! I sure wish my dear brother (in law) Jake would let me send him a fist full of quotes from the former Mormon Prophets! Just sayin’.

    1. AMEN…I ask the question is this the gospel of Brigham Young or any other man? or of our Lord and Creator Jesus Christ. How can one apostatize if one never was apart or gave way to the men’s isms of the day.

      Seems they cut their selves off from the first commandment to love the Lord, and your neighbor as yourself. How can you love the Lord whom we have not seen and say we hate our brother or our sisters whom we have seen. any way.. just adding to the comments.. I guess one excuse is as good as another.

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