Hildale City Council Meeting

The Hildale City Council met in a special work session to address some ambiguities in the process of hiring city employees and what budgetary avenues they are paid through. The city has seen several employees move on to new jobs recently including the City Treasurer, lower level employees, and soon, the City Recorder. The meeting was also called to discuss appropriate roles and functions within each job description, the vision for Hildale going forward, and to draft a hiring policy.

Some of the ambiguities faced by the new city council members are due to an intergovernmental relationship with Colorado City. Because the Twin Cities work so tightly through the public works and utility departments, Colorado City plays a prominent role in hiring as well as paying those employees.

According to statements made at the meeting, running payroll through the Town of Colorado City made sense because Hildale didn’t have the budget to support its functions while maintaining competitive pay and benefits.

The council decided they would plan meetings with the appropriate parties in Colorado City to understand exactly how the intergovernmental relationship works and to ensure that Hildale City has the appropriate level of input on hiring decisions, duties, and funding. Once there is a full understanding of how the relationship works, they will determine if any changes need to be made.

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