Utility Board Appointments

The Hildale City Council made some new appointments to the Utility Board and Public Works Advisory Board for the Twin Cities. The appointments were made due to the expiration of the term of two Utility Board members and one position on the Public Works Advisory Board. One of the previous members of the Utility Board was Council Member Brian Jessop.

Hildale Mayor Donia Jessop nominated Hildale City Council Member JVar Dutson to the position. Council Member Brian Jessop was offered the appointment but declined due to conflicting work schedules. The Hildale City Council voted unanimously to appoint Jvar Dutson to the position.

Additionally, Mayor Donia Jessop nominated Jason Black to the Utility Board. Mayor Jessop stated in the meeting that she chose Jason Black because she needed someone who could report back “strong and concise.” She stated that she had considered several names but felt that he would do the best job. He was appointed with four yes votes and a single no vote.

The Public Works Advisory Board had a vacancy which was formerly filled by Hildale Mayor Philip Barlow. Mayor Donia Jessop offered to serve on the board. The council confirmed the Mayor to the position with four yes votes and a single no vote.

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