New Colorado City, AZ Councilmember Appointed

At the Colorado City Town Council meeting on December 11, 2017, a new council member was appointed following the resignation of Councilmember Tony Barlow. At the meeting, Mayor Joseph Allred nominated Joanne Shapley to fill the vacant spot. There were no other nominations and the council unanimously voted to appoint Shapley to the position. She immediately took her place on the council after taking the oath of office, which was administered by the Town Clerk, Vance Barlow.

The position will come up for a vote in the 2018 election, meaning Shapley will serve for less than a year before likely running for the position in November. The Colorado City Town Council now consists of Joseph Allred, Anthus Barlow, Karen Barlow, Ralph Johnson, Jeffrey Jessop, Joanne Shapley, and Donald Richter.

Note: A previous version of this article left out Mayor Joseph Allred and Vice-Mayor Anthus Barlow. Both serve on the council.

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