New AZ Strip BLM Director

The BLM’s Arizona Strip District is responsible for the management of 2.8 million acres of federal land. This land includes two national monuments and stretches from the Grand Canyon to the Utah-Arizona border. This land is some of the most remote in the nation and hosts lands that are set aside for protection as well as economic purposes.

The Arizona Strip District will have a new district manager, Michael Herder, following the retirement of Tim Burke on December 30, 2017. Herder has worked for the BLM for 30 years, beginning his career working in the Arizona Strip District as a biological technician, and working in the district for 20 years. He has worked in various capacities, including national policy and budget projects. His experience includes serving as an associate and then district manager for the Ely District in Nevada, as well as BLM Nevada Associate State Director, temporarily.

Ray Suazo, the BLM Arizona State Director, appointed Herder to the position. According to Suazo, “Mike is an experienced land manager who has demonstrated the ability to deal with a variety of challenging issues. He has fostered positive working relationships with local, state, federal, and tribal partners as well as local communities and other stakeholders. We are lucky to have him in Arizona and welcome him to our leadership team.”

The Arizona Strip District has around 65 employees and a variety of management responsibilities. Herder began working in this new capacity in the beginning of January. “

I’m happy to be back in this region, and I’m looking forward to the opportunities to collaborate with great partners on the Arizona Strip,” says Herder.

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