Town of Colorado City, AZ Proposes Facility Use Fee

The Colorado City Town Council will be considering proposed facility-use fees on February 12, 2018, during the regular town council meeting. According to their notice, “This policy will allow the Town to accommodate requests for facility use while recovering the basic costs of utilities, maintenance, and administration, which in turn will allow the Town to continue to offer the service.”

The proposed fees are $5 per hour or $30 per day for non-profit groups such as churches, schools, and public agencies. For commercial groups, they are proposing a rate of $15 per hour and $80 for a day’s use. Along with the proposed fees, they released a proposed list of facility-use requirements and a request form.

There was no word as to which facilities they intend to allow people to use. If you are interested in this decision or would like to express your views, you can attend the meeting on February 12, 2018, at 6:00 p.m.

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