New Park in Hildale City; Johnson Park

Along with the renovations taking place in Cottonwood Park, some may have noticed the excavation work taking place on a parcel of land on the corner of Utah Avenue and Hildale Street, near the Most Wanted Bed and Breakfast. This project will a project by the UEP Trust intended to foster a stronger sense of community and provide a welcoming public space for kids and families.

The preliminary plans for the park include the addition of 36,250 square feet of new grass and 17,556 square feet of concrete sidewalk to facilitate jogging and walking. There will be two parking lots, one to the north and one to the south of the new park and a new outdoor restroom facility.

Beyond the landscaping, there will be two playgrounds, one for toddler aged kids and another for older children. The plan indicates that there will be a splash pad at the southern end of the park, which will be perfect for the summer months. Along with those additions are a couple tetherball stations and a ball court. The final element indicated in the sketch is a children’s museum located at the southern end of the park.

The park will be dedicated to community fathers such as Elmer Johnson and others. This park will no doubt be a welcome addition to the community. With it’s close proximity to the school and the City Hall, it will go a long way toward beautifying the area and being a place for families to come together.

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