Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ to Flush Water Line

The City of Hildale announced on its webpage that they will be performing a scheduled water line flush on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. According to the statement, “Users can expect dark-colored water for a few days following the line flushing.”

There have been reports of dark-colored water in recent days. Some residents have stated that dark-colored water is a persistent issue. It is unconfirmed whether these cases are piping issues within the individual houses or bigger problems. In addition to water quality, price concerns have been on the minds of many. The new Hildale City Council members and Mayor Donia Jessop have said that water and utility issues will be at the top of their list of concerns as they take their positions in the coming months.

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  1. Good to know! Thank you very much for this info. I’m among those wondering how our water systems work, as well as why it is so cloudy at times.

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