Marshal’s Office Informs the Public of Intent to Enforce ATV Laws

The Colorado City, AZ/Hildale, UT Marshal’s Office has informed the public that it will be stepping up enforcement of traffic laws with respect to ATV’s and other off-highway vehicles. There have been increasing complaints regarding reckless ATV use on roadways. ATV use is a common pastime and passion for many in the community. Despite lax enforcement historically, public safety concerns have led to the effort to increase enforcement of existing laws.

There have been numerous reports of reckless behavior on roadways including excessive speed, wheelies, and other stunts. Some of these stunts have taken place in school zones and other sensitive traffic areas. There have been several recent accidents requiring medical response and hospitalization.

desert-1880287_960_720.jpgState law requires that vehicles have insurance, licensing, and necessary equipment (including head and tail lights, blinkers, horns, brakes etc.). In addition to this, they are subject to all traffic laws, including the requirement that operators have a valid driver’s license. Speed and all other traffic laws will be enforced.

These regulations do not apply to ATV’s that are operated off public roadways. Using public roadways to access legal riding areas without ensuring the roadworthiness of the vehicle could lead to fines and impound. They recommend that you either make the vehicles roadworthy or haul them to the destination with a street-legal vehicle.

There are some regulations that apply regardless of the area that the vehicle is being operated. Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear protective gear including a helmet and goggles.

Additionally, the Marshal’s office stressed the importance of sober driving regardless of the place or vehicle.



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