OPINION- Why You Should Vote “Yes” on the Bond Elecection

The Colorado City Unified School District is seeking voter approval for a bond to fund the construction of a new gym facility.

The Colorado City Unified School District is seeking voter approval for a bond to fund the construction of a new gym facility. The sports programs at the school have outgrown the current gym facilities. Due to safety concerns, administrators and school board members have decided that a new gym facility is essential for the immediate and long-term needs of the school and the community at large.

For those who don’t know what a bond election is, it is one of the options schools have at their disposal to fund necessary projects, beyond the basic funding from the state. This allows schools to borrow money, in the form of bonds sold to investors, which are then repaid through an increase in property taxes.

This bond proposal will not exceed 2 million dollars and will amount to a 1.33 % property tax increase for those within the school district. While this increase may sound undesirable to some, there are good reasons to support the increase. The previous bond that the school district paid off just last year, put the tax rate at 1.78% above current tax rates. While there would be an increase, the tax rate would still be lower than in previous years.

The current gym facility at El Capitan High School serves multiple purposes. It is the cafeteria space for the school, which poses challenges in the maintenance of the gym floor. It also leads to difficulties in administering physical education classes because they must be scheduled around cafeteria services. The space facilitates many local community functions, including, local sports leagues, performances, and ceremonies. The sports program at El Capitan High School has grown continuously since its humble beginning in the early 2000’s, and the gym is almost always packed during home games, leading to safety concerns.

The school district is proposing the bond to build a new and separate gym facility that meets high school regulation standards. The current space is sized for junior high school sized events. It was built at a time when the school’s administration didn’t intend for the district to have a sports program. The proposed space would seat up to 700 people and would give the school much greater latitude in meeting the needs of their athletic and physical education programs, facilitating long-term growth of the sports program, accommodating smaller school’s athletic programs, and providing much-needed community space for recreation and events.

According to the informational pamphlet, there were no arguments submitted against the bond proposal. In the long term, this initiative will help the school district meet its current safety and education requirements and provide an opportunity for growth well into the future.

For specific information regarding the bond election, an informational pamphlet has been mailed to voters as well as the ballots themselves. If you need a copy of the pamphlet, they can be obtained by contacting either the school or county.

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