Congressman Paul Gosar

Congressman Paul Gosar made headlines this week after a Vice News article, in which he claimed that the white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August were organized by the left. He made the comments during an interview about a legal suit brought by a constituent who claims he blocked her on his official Facebook page, violating her first amendment rights.

According to the Daily Courier, J’aime Morgaine, a Kingman resident, was blocked by the official Facebook page of Representative Paul Gosar due to her use of inappropriate language. Morgaine claims that Rep. Gosar went too far by blocking her entirely rather than taking down the offensive comment. In response, she has filed a lawsuit in federal court. Morgaine says, “He’s our congressman and every Facebook post is like a little sign were carrying. It’s a public constituent feedback forum, and he’s picking and choosing who can post. That’s why I filed a lawsuit.”

In response, Rep. Gosar said, “I don’t care” that people are upset about being blocked. He continues, “If you think a block on Facebook is infringing upon your constitutional right to petition the government, you are sorely mistaken. You want to petition the government? Terrific. Call my office and file a complaint. Write me a letter spelling out your grievances.” He went on to state that he and his staff regularly block individuals that engage in profanity and other unacceptable forms of behavior. He also cited the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, by a left-wing gunman, to justify his position, saying that hostile comments could be perceived as a threat.

This led to the Vice News interview where he alleged that the Charlottesville white supremacist rally may have been a left-wing ploy, orchestrated by a former Occupy Wall Street demonstrator and backed by funding from George Soros, a billionaire investor known to fund liberal organizations and causes.

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