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Squatters’ Off Duty IPA

The breweries in Utah are some of my favorite. Not only were my first craft-beer experiences the creation of these breweries, but Utah is home. Squatters is one of the main breweries along with Epic, Wasatch, and Bohemian. They collectively produce some of the finest craft brews available. Squatters Off Duty IPA is a great example of craftsmanship. It is complex, approachable, and enjoyable. It is one of those IPA’s that could easily be enjoyed by novices and enthusiasts alike. ABV is about 6.5% (if you buy it at the liquor store or out of the state of Utah).

tumblr_inline_okhyrgUagG1tovnkl_1280.jpgOff Duty IPA is Golden Brown and slightly cloudy. It was quite foamy with about two fingers of head that stuck around nicely without much agitation to maintain. The aroma on this beer is very malty. I noticed bread, biscuit and brown sugar notes. As I continued to approach the beer, I noticed hints of graham cracker and caramel. It seemed to get sweeter smelling as I took in the aroma. The sweetness was accented by a subtle vegetal note of alfalfa. In comparing my notes to others, I found that many people detected dried fruit notes in the aroma, but nothing came forth distinctly in my experience.

The flavor was very malty as well, but the hops came through nicely, mostly in the form of bitterness. I detected dried fruit flavors of apricot and dates. The graham cracker impression continued throughout the flavor profile along with honey and caramel. The malt notes in this beer are very sweet, and the hops provide the needed counterbalance. It didn’t really register as bitter to me. There was a slight oily or metallic mouthfeel from the hops as well that was a good counterbalance to the rich mouthfeel and sweet malty impressions. The finish was lasting and pleasant, dominated by the hop oil as is appropriate with the style.

This is a great beer to serve with food. It is medium bodied and not so bitter that it will compete with food. Stick with medium bodied food selections. Salty and spicy foods go well with IPA’s. While some prefer to stick with Mexican beers when eating Mexican food, I really enjoy shaking it up with an IPA. This beer would pair nicely with Adobada or Chorizo street tacos, enchiladas, or menudo (tripe soup) for the more adventurous. Chinese would pair well with it too. Try it with the spicier options like Kung Pao and General Tso’s.

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