Asset Insurance Offers Third Party MVD Services

In 2016 the MVD office in Colorado City was relocated to Littlefield Arizona, which is 75 miles away and a one-hour drive one way. The explanations for the move were vague. When considering the larger population in Colorado City and the long-standing presence of the MVD office there, the vague explanations become suspect. Any trip to the MVD office comes with the likelihood of a lost day of work under normal circumstances. Tack on a two-hour drive and the extra expense for gas, and the MVD quickly becomes a contender with the dentist’s office in terms of displeasure.  In search of an explanation for the sudden closure, and efforts to bring the MVD office back, Lorin Zitting of Asset Insurance got the idea to bring third-party MVD service to Colorado City along with his insurance services. With this new venture, there are some added benefits for the citizens of Colorado City, including faster and more efficient service, the ability to opt out of waiting in line, a one-stop shop for MVD service and insurance, and a couple of potential new local job opportunities that were historically filled by commuters from out of town.

After the closure of the MVD, Lorin began a year-long quest to bring the service back to town. Third party services are held to high standards in every aspect. There are stringent requirements for facilities including security, accessibility, accountability, and transparency. “I had to go to Phoenix for six weeks to do the training to provide title and registration,” said Lorin. He had originally planned to open the service in the former MVD facility in Colorado City but the city informed him of their intention to lease the building to others. He then began the search for other potential facilities, finally settling on the building on 10 North Central that served as the first grocery store in town as well as the longtime insurance office. “To do a third party, there are a lot of requirements. Half of the MVD requirements are passing your building off,” says Lorin. He continues, “We have to have a security system and video monitoring, with a 30-day feed, so that if anything goes wrong the MVD can investigate.” They require tight security for the storage of information, titles, plates, and a separate secure network to transfer digital information to the state. They are also required to meet all the accessibility requirements for customers with disabilities. These requirements led to the complete remodel of the building specifically for this service.

Asset Insurance and Motor Vehicle Services can perform every MVD service but one: drivers’ licensing. Arizona state law places certain statutory requirements on third-party service providers to prevent unfair competition, says Lorin. “The statute requires that you have to have been open for three years and have at least one thousand transactions a month to qualify for driver’s license testing,” according to Lorin. “Based on the numbers we had in town, that’s just never going to happen here.” There is an effort to lobby our state legislators to change the law to allow for exceptions in rural areas, like ours, that don’t fit within the purpose of the law. “The statute makes sense for some urban areas, but up here where we have to drive for two hours to reach the MVD, there should be an exception to that rule.” To bring about that change, people from Colorado City, Centennial Park, Canebeds, and Moccasin will need to express their support for that change to their state legislators and county officials. “Anything for your vehicle, we can do. We can even do bonded titles in-house. Unfortunately, there are a lot of young people who need that service. That’s a big pain to have to drive to Littlefield.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of the service they provide is the ability to have your MVD service done without having to wait around. According to Lorin, “When people come in to get work done, they don’t have to sit in the waiting room if they don’t want to. They can sign a power of attorney for that transaction, and as soon as I get done, I’ll call them and take payment over the phone and they can come pick it up when they’re ready.” There is really no need to wait unless it is a special case that requires special attention. “The days that I’m not open, people can schedule a direct appointment with me for an additional $20,” he says. Convenience fees, depending on the service, range from $10 to $40.  “The reason I got into this is I thought it paired really well with insurance. When somebody buys a new vehicle, we can offer the insurance, licensing, and tilting at the same time,” said Lorin. If you’re a client with Asset Insurance, you automatically get a 20% discount on MVD services.

The MVD services are available Wednesday-Friday from 9-5, with the ability to schedule private appointments on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday for an additional fee. The Insurance services are open Monday-Friday 9-5. If you are planning to use Asset Insurance and Motor Vehicle Service for your next vehicle purchase, it is important to inform your car dealer to send the paperwork to them directly. They send it by default to the MVD for Arizona or Utah. If they send it by FedEx or UPS, the physical address is 10 North Central Colorado City AZ, 86021. If sending by USPS, the address is P.O. Box 2250 Colorado City AZ, 86021.

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