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Avocado Toast

As a member of the millennial generation (the group of individuals born roughly between 1980 and 2004), I can attest to the financial woes we face. Recent news articles suggest that millennials purchasing habits are killing off many of the things we have come to hold dear like napkins, chain restaurants, golf, banks, and homeownership. What is causing this? Are millennials lazy? Are they simply striving for a life of moral asceticism? Some have suggested that a penchant for trendy and expensive food is to blame. An Australian millionaire (and fellow millennial) has blamed avocado toast and espresso as the primary culprits for our financial woes. He suggests that instead of buying $19 avocado toasts and specialty coffee drinks that come in at $4.00 a pop, we should instead take that money and invest it in homeownership.

He might be on to something. I drink up to 4 specialty coffee drinks each day and absolutely love avocado toast! I, however, make them myself which provides considerable savings, leaving me with a bit of extra cash to store away for my dream home as well as Instagram worthy avocado toast and delicious specialty espresso drinks. There are many ways to make avocado toast. My preference includes the addition of smoked salmon. The following recipe is for 4. Since the millennial generation is so big and so poor, you will no doubt have a few friends who may want some.


4 pieces of sprouted grain bread

1 package of smoked salmon (not lox)

2 avocados






It is important to get good bread for this. I would recommend Laura Timpson’s sprouted grain bread. If you can’t get it for some reason, Ezekiel Bread is good. You could use any bread you like so long as it is good quality. Bad bread will doom this project. Lightly toast the bread. A dark toast will compete with the other flavors. Generously butter the toasts with a locally sourced, artisanally produced butter of some kind.

I am unsure of my favorite way to prepare the avocado. I have taken firmer avocados, very thinly sliced, and fanned over the toast, which is splendid. But if you have soft avocados, you cannot do this. I usually let the avocados decide. If they are soft, mash them over the toast; if they are not, slice them as thinly as possible with a sharp knife. You want half an avocado per toast. It’s important to season at this point. Do not season the smoked salmon, it is already cured in salt so it doesn’t need it. The juice of a single lemon should do the trick for all four pieces along with salt and pepper to taste. Next, flake (not too much) the smoked salmon and distribute amongst the toasts.

At this point they are finished. Depending on the season, you could scurry out to your parent’s garden for some fresh herbs to adorn the top. Fresh dill fronds wouldn’t be bad at all! If you don’t have any friends to share with, be sure to scurry up from the basement and offer some to your parents. If a good avocado toast won’t get you a solid spot in the will, you may want to start looking into life insurance options. Enjoy!

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