Mohave Community College New Building

The North Mohave Campus of Mohave Community College will be the home to a new multi-purpose building to serve the growing educational needs of the community. A ground-breaking ceremony was held on Friday, August 11, 2017, and was attended by the President of MCC, Dr. Michael Kearns. The MCC board of trustees, Phyllis Smith, Vance Miller, and Julie Bare were in attendance. Carlos Murrieta of Merge Architectural Group and Jim Arnold of Lake Powell Construction were also present, along with the administration and staff of the North Mohave Campus.
MCC.jpgThis project is the culmination of many years of diligent effort by many and is being met with a great deal of excitement. North Mohave Campus Dean, Dr. Carolyn Hamblin said, “This building represents years of hard work and commitment from our community and our college. We look forward to our first scheduled event here, the pinning of our nursing graduates.” This will be a 7000-square foot building and a $2 million investment. The first of its kind in 30 years for the North Mohave Campus of MCC. According to Dr. Kearns, “We are investing in the future of this town and the future of education in this area that’s going to be so necessary for the young folks who are
packing those K-12 schools now.”
The space will be home to the Nursing program, which, according to Dr. Kearns, “is really the glue that holds this campus together and brings our students here.” There will be new classroom and laboratory space, with upgrades to the nursing lab that include state of the art technology, including a simulation mannequin for hands on training. The college is also planning to make expansions to the EMS program.
A multi-purpose room will provide space for nursing program pinning ceremonies and live-streaming college-wide events, including graduations. Theatre productions, community functions and more will be held here. Historically, events such as these have taken place in other community centers, including the local high-school auditorium. With the large geographic distance between the North Mohave Campus and the other college campuses, these facilities will alleviate the travel burden on students and provide
more opportunities for services that would otherwise be unavailable.
The new building will also be home to a business incubator space. According to Dr. Kearns, “The business incubator is a place new businesses can use if they’re in the start up mode or need temporary office space while they wait to get their building finished.”

The building is projected to be finished March 18, 2018. They are planning to have the pinning ceremony for the nursing program at this campus in the spring and also the first graduation ceremony held at the North Mohave Campus.


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