Vandalization- Re-Post from FB- Harvey Dockstader Jr.

This message goes out to the troubled people who are vandalizing our peaceful valley…
There’s a group of very dedicated people who’ve spent thousands of hours in volunteer and community activist activities to restore peace and harmony to this valley. We ARE Making a HUGE difference as evidenced by the many families who are coming back, reclaiming homes and actively participating in healing and restoration… WE ALL KNOW how damaged this valley has been over the last couple decades and now that we’re making REAL progress, we have somehow attracted a criminal element into our ranks… WHOEVER YOU ARE, PLEASE get some help. Crime is NOT the answer to your problems and eventually you’ll pay dearly for your choices. You may get away with it for awhile, you may feel a RUSH from the experience and pride yourself on how well you cover your tracks but the one person you’re not considering is YOU. YOU will carry the burden until you make it right!


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