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2016 Bucklin Old Home Ranch Rosé

To begin your journey into wine, might I recommend an exploration into quaffable summer whites (with whites, I also mean rosés).

I shared a bottle of 2016 Bucklin Old Home Ranch Rosé with friends a few days ago.  The beautiful aromatic nuances of this wine overwhelmed me.  This wine simply oozes floral along with early summer peaches and faded red fruit.  It also has a tinge of soft minerality.  It feels crisp and light on the palate.  Pale salmon color, it is a blend of Granache, Zinfandel, Mourvedre, Syrah and Carignane.  These particular varietals make for an interesting and different drinking experience.

Chill this Rosé well and drink it on a hot summer afternoon or evening. Up to this moment, I have not had a wine that has exhibited such overt floral.  It was dancing summer on my palate.  Made me think of running through the sprinkler, fresh hay fields, and moonlit desert nights when the canyon breeze wafts down and impregnates the air with heavy moisture laden sage brush and desert dirt.   As I sat there, the late spring evening aglow all around me, savoring each sip over pleasant conversation, the ounces quickly slipped down.  It’s so very quaffable.  

This wine goes for an average of $17.  Quality and price well matched.  Just be careful you don’t make a glutton of yourself and drink the whole bottle.  

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